Wednesday, January 15, 2014

new year, new resolution

Seamstress Fitter, London. Irving Penn. 1950.

Madelynn's photograph caught my eye on pinterest, but it was her post "the perfect wardrobe" that really did me in.  Like many of her readers, I could relate to her ambition to simplify her wardrobe and distill of her personal style. I too wanted to streamline my closet to purely essential, reliable, and versatile. One difference is that included with disciplined shopping, I wanted to make the majority of my clothes.

I've encountered so many projects that promise to perfect your wardrobe. While they all reminded me to be thoughtful and only consider timeless pieces, the advice also seemed shallow and I could only picture boring, bland basics. Madelynn's story resonates because it is her personal account of her own work in progress. It inspires me to do the same.

Probably not a coincidence, since I'm sure every other person thinks about culling their clothes at the start of the year, but today in my inbox I found an introduction to the "wardrobe architect" at the coletterie. As all the "familiarities" of hoarding fabric, piling up projects, and settling for not-quite-it hit their mark in me, I knew I needed this challenge. Suddenly that tiny whisper of "i should do this" became a blast of "HERE WE GO!" Inspired by and engaging with Wide Eyed Legless and Wardrobe Architect, this blog will track my progress in creating a wardrobe that is entirely me.

The Wardrobe Architect

so, here we go!